Based on more than 30 years of working nationally and internationally as an actor, director and acting & voice coach, Bert has developed a unique framework of coaching that will enable participants to expand the range and scale of their vocal expressions in an effective and surprisingly short and enjoyable manner.

His framework offers clear and practical pathways to achieve economy of breath, clarity and ease of communication, connection with an audience (or the camera), and the ability to express ideas, intentions, feelings and qualities in embodied and imaginative ways.

Integrated in Bert’s coaching are practical strategies to enhance presence, defined as the ability to be sensory alive in the ever-changing moment.

Presence is the key to deepen one’s connection with self, other and environment. It is perhaps the most vital ingredient to deepen the imaginative and emotional impact of your vocal and physical actions, whether on screen or in live performance.

For the coaching to result in significant and lasting skills, it is essential that participants commit initially to a minimum of three sessions (app. 50 min. each).

Subsequent sessions are available on request if and when the need arises

To book:           Mob: + 64 21 1857956

                               Email: bertvdijk08@gmail.com


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