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Devised Theatre

A Practical Guide to the Devising Process (ISBN  978-0-473-19077-4)

by Bert van Dijk

Devised Theatre is rapidly emerging as one of the most popular genres of contemporary theatre. This is reflected not only in the increasing number of successful companies devising their own work, but also in a dramatic shift in the approach to actor training.

This book offers a practical guide to the devising process and is designed to be of benefit for scholars, practitioners and drama teachers.

The content is presented in three sections: 1) the common ground, opportunities and pitfalls of the devising process, 2) the philosophy and artistic principles that underlie the author’s own method of devising, and 3) a wealth of exercises, which are practical, tested and easy to adapt.


Bert has written a fascinating book on theatre exploring old traditions and new possibilities. This is where I believe the future of New Zealand theatre lies. The moulding of fresh form from the casts of the past.

I found his foresight in articulating a new theatre style for Aotearoa / New Zealand to be a catalyst and a compass. Both a challenge and an opportunity for emerging writers, directors and actors to embrace and share with the world. Well done!

Hirini Reedy - Director

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Devised Theatre book

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A practical guide to the devising process offering a breakdown of the opportunities and challenges of the different stages of the devising process as well as comprehensive collection of practical exercises to guide you through this collaborative creation process

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