Day 1: Devised Theatre Workshop

May 5 10:00 – 4:00 | 116 Bank St, Whangarei0110 | COST: $40

Devised or Collaborative Theatre is rapidly becoming one of the most popular and stimulating genres of contemporary performance making.

This 1-Day workshop breaks down the creative process to its bare bones, identifying the different stages and reflecting on the opportunities and pitfalls of each stage. It offers participants innovative and practical strategies to guide them through the exhilarating and terrifying process of collaborative creation - whether the point of departure is a story, an image, an object, a character, an issue or something else all together.  

It is suitable for stage and screen actors, directors, designers, choreographers, drama teachers and anyone with an interest in and passion for imaginative and original creation.

Day 2: Michael Chekhov Workshop: Developing Quality of Action

May 6 10:00 – 4:00 | 116 Bank St, Whangarei 0110 | COST: $40

Exercising the Will and Inspiring the Imagination make up the vital pathways in Michael Chekhov’s Acting Technique and the quality of one’s actions (in life and in performance) is directly related to the ability to engage will and imagination. Exercising the will facilitates the realisation of one’s goals and intentions and leads to precision and clarity of physical and vocal actions. While engaging the imagination enables a person to fill their actions with quality, such as the expression of feelings, intentions and imagery. In other words: to give colour to what you do or say.

This workshop will offer participants an opportunity to explore and develop - in a relaxed and enjoyable manner - some of Michael Chekhov’s fundamental strategies and principles, particularly the Four Brothers, the Six Directions, Archetypal Gesture and Imaginary Body.

Enrol for both workshops and pay only $65

To register:

Email: Liz Sugrue

Mob: 022 341 0460

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